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    Brands we work with

    Audio Video

    We deliver the design, engineering, installation, calibration and management of complete projects in order to create your state of the art home cinema. Specialist tools available to AV Distributors can help achieving this result. Some of them include: 

    1. Smart Remotes

      smart-remoteSmart remotes simplify the operation of complex audio and video systems by controlling all of the equipment at once. With one button to press you can watch a film, watch TV, listen to your music, or listen to the radio. We specialize in programming the equipment, for example: Phillips Pronto, Marantz, Nevo SL, Xantech, and Logitech. 

    2. Home Media

      home mediaThis solution enables you to have your favourite music, films, photos and videos available anywhere throughout your home at the touch of a button. You will be able to pause a film in the living room, and continue watching it in the bedroom. It will also allow docking your iPod and playing the music throughout the house. 

    3. Intercoms

      HIPxGrandstreamWe can design and install an intercom or door entry system for your property in accordance with your visual preference and to technical specification. 


    Metamorphic TV Frames

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