Our Services

Aerials & Satellite

We provide professional installations with a range of High End digital TV aerials; the work we carry out is led by experienced engineers and supported with a 1year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and reliable solution.

Each system can be fully configured to your requirements, whether you order a digital aerial system installed to one room, or, a complete digital aerial multi-room system, allowing every room in your property to have access to the digital TV channels on offer. This, in turn can be installed with Freeview TV sets, providing greater choice and variety on the television programmes available.

Similarly, we can supply and install a range of satellite systems, capable of receiving European, Arabic, Asian and other satellite TV as well as tailor design your system to receive a variety of languages and channels, such as; French, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, etc.


We deliver increased safety for homes and businesses throughout the area. This translates into dependable security systems, 24 hour real-time monitoring services, which you can access from your own computer or mobile phone.We aim at creating security systems which will help theft prevention through electronic surveillance.

The systems we design help you keep an eye on your children - in the garden or playroom, when you need to be online at your home or office desk. It can be easily achieved by adding Closed Circuit TV to your home wiring network.

The systems can be equipped with cameras to provide an image on TV within your home or over the internet. Some of the most popular areas where they are used are for placement at the front and/or back door to identify visitors or intruders, and installation along outside walls or gates. They can also be used indoors for mothers or caretakers to view activity in the pool area, or they may be placed out of sight to monitor childcare.

Audio Video

We deliver the design, engineering, installation, calibration and management of complete projects in order to create your state of the art home cinema. Specialist tools available to AV Distributors can help achieving this result. Some of them include: 

smart-remoteSmart remotes simplify the operation of complex audio and video systems by controlling all of the equipment at once. With one button to press you can watch a film, watch TV, listen to your music, or listen to the radio. We specialize in programming the equipment, for example: Phillips Pronto, Marantz, Nevo SL, Xantech, and Logitech. 

Control4-HomeAutomationThis solution enables you to have your favourite music, films, photos and videos available anywhere throughout your home at the touch of a button. You will be able to pause a film in the living room, and continue watching it in the bedroom. It will also allow docking your iPod and playing the music throughout the house. 

HIPxGrandstreamWe can design and install an intercom or door entry system for your property in accordance with your visual preference and to technical specification. 

Structure wiring

We have the expertise and ability to conduct a complete design and installation of electronic wiring infrastructure specifically tailored to your needs, budget and lifestyle.

With focus on security, entertainment, surfing the Internet, or all of these, your home will be ready for future technologies.

We supply a variety of home wiring solutions, consisting of a Home Network Distribution Panel, compatible plug-in options, multi-media cabling, and wall outlets. This brings the most advanced communications, entertainment, and security features to your home.